Repair and Insurance: Important Considerations When Car Loans.

Intention to buy a car on credit? Don’t let things happen to Armie, my friend who is a manager in an advertising company. The purple sedan from Europe which he paid in installments was hit by a city bus and this morning he grumbled on social media about his auto insurance company referral service garage service.

Early in the morning already made a fuss and mumet head. I’m sorry to use XXX insurance if you know the partner workshop like this works. Even taking care of the dent’s car body claims should take a week. That also hit one panel, not one body. The myriad of reasons! “

What does Armie have to do with car loans? Make no mistake, his experience can be a valuable lesson. During this time the attention of people who intend to buy a car on credit is more on choosing the right financing institution, time period, the amount of down payment, and interest rates. And not a few people, for example Armie, who forgot an important point, namely car insurance.

Car loan insurane

Car loan insurane

As a prospective customer, insurance must be included in the car loan package. The reason is, as long as it is still in credit status, the leasing party is still very interested in the car because the buyer – in his words – only ‘disappears’.

But usually, car sales discuss insurance is just the basics. Most only discuss the two types of insurance that must be selected prospective buyers. First, Total Lost Only (TLO), which means insurance that only guarantees if the car is lost. Second is the All Risk insurance where the insurer will cover all events from dents being hit until they are stolen.

Well, we must master further knowledge about the insurance mechanism offered, starting from the track record of the insurance company to the procedure for filing a claim. The conditions for submitting a claim themselves are actually listed on the policy or in accordance with PSKABI (Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy).

The following are things that need to be further known:

Learn the SOP of Car Repair Claims

The first step is to study the risks and reimbursement of what is covered in an insurance policy. Is the claim procedure clear? What conditions will not be covered by the insurance company? What is the maximum length of time to report a claim to insurance calculated from the time of the incident? When does the insurance officer survey the damage to the car?

And let’s say we take all risk insurance like Armie and most other consumer credit. Do not rush to be satisfied with the answers to the questions above. We still need to weigh the quality of workmanship claims for car repairs that will be obtained. In other words, find out more than being irritated like Armie.

Duration of Repair Time

We need certainty. For this reason, a good referral workshop usually has a standard car repair workmanship. For example, damage to one body panel can take 1-2 days. The repair period will be even longer if the scale of the damage is fairly severe. Thus, consumers can know the estimate when the car has been repaired.

There are four things to note here.

  • Workshop quality

Ensure that all services and services at the referral workshop have clear standards. Detecting it is easy. Look on the wall whether there is certification from the authorities in providing quality standards and workshop services.

  • Consumers can monitor directly

Next is to give freedom to consumers to see firsthand the improvement process. That way consumers can be calm. More importantly, consumers know that the workshop uses original manufacturer’s standard spare parts.

  • The warranty

Ask in detail if all the work done by the workshop already has a warranty. This is important if consumers are dissatisfied with the results and can file a complaint and without any additional costs.

  • Using original components

A good workshop will always use the original component. They did not hesitate to replace damaged components with original components. So, once the car comes out of the garage will look like new. Therefore, pay close attention to the components replaced by the workshop and as much as possible ask the workshop to show the damaged components.

If the repair shop replaces the components with aftermarket ones and does not match the standardized manufacturer, the danger is that the car’s warranty will be forfeited.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that car insurance matters have a close relationship with partner workshops. The reason is this partner workshop will later be entrusted with the responsibility of repairing all the damage to our car.

Do not let car insurance is only good on paper, but the results are far from satisfying. Survey the partner workshop first, then just choose a car insurance company.


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