Satta Ka Number – What Does it Mean?

The data ka is another of the many static kamas that are used in Thailand. Like the satta patpong which can be worn with either pants or shirts, the satta kama can also be worn with blouses and even on occasion a matching skirt. It is traditionally worn by both men and women, however more females may choose to wear it since it is generally seen as a garment traditionally worn by the woman.

Known to originate from Thailand and Vietnam, the ka actually means “one hundredth blessed.” This data Ka number is most commonly worn by the Buddhist people of Thailand. It is worn on the right palm as the right hand has been worn laden with the number one, usually representing Buddha. The data ka is usually adorned with a number of small figures, most of them representing the Bodhisattvas. These figures include the monkey and an elephant.

Although some Buddhist monks will not wear a data ka, they will instead carry a small data as they move from location to location. They use the data to symbolize their journey and the state to remind them of the virtue of suffering no matter where they are. Traditionally, before beginning their journey, Bodhisattvas spend ten days wandering the path of existence in search of suffering. They are said to have achieved enlightenment during this time. They carry the satta in a sari, a garment that can be loosely described as a loose-fitting bag.

The tenth day they return to the kingdom of Agras along with their satta. The king of Agras blesses the assembled deities and asks them to protect the monk on his quest. This continues until he arrives at the temple of Ajna, where he exchanges vows with the deity. After this, the monk’s number is drawn in a circle and placed in the middle of the prayer wheel.

Today, the satta ka is often worn by devotees of Mahayana Buddhism in India. It is considered very auspicious to wear it at all times. However, this is not the case in most other countries, where it is considered unlucky to wear them. The satta is mostly considered a bad luck talisman and is avoided at any cost.

Interestingly enough, the state is also known as the “instrument of initiation.” Because this small bag has the power to cause an individual to receive enlightenment, it is also considered a stepping stone to more advanced teachings. Worn alone, it is believed to cause laziness is considered a root issue for all evil. Worn together, however, it causes adherence to the principles taught by Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism and is considered highly beneficial.

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