Shopping With Satta Ka Number Cards

The satta Ka number of South African cash cards are issued in conjunction with MasterCard. Unlike other cards, the sattaking Ka is not linked to any particular bank. Therefore, they can be used at any ATM machine or merchant outlet. The only difference with MasterCard and the other international cards is that the latter can only be used at selected outlets of retailers in the United States, whereas the former can be used at all stores in South Africa including petrol stations and convenience stores.

Since the card has been designed for the ordinary South African consumer, they are available with a large assortment of benefits of play bazaar . They include giving the recipient free access to a large variety of restaurants, banks, hotels, motels and the like. As with most other cards, the customer is also provided with an exclusive eight-digit dialing code.

A satta Ka is issued in fixed denominations. These denominations are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. The denominations are usually denoted by the pictures on the front and the reverse side of the card. Two of these cards have the same picture on both the sides but with different numbers. Seven of them have a unique picture on the reverse but have the same number on the front.

The card features a magnetic strip on which the customer inserts a UPC bar code. This code is used to determine which state (section) of the card has been validated and can be used to make purchases. Customers can also scan the bar code and make purchases without having to talk to a sales representative. This feature is commonly referred to as OUDI (or online electronic signature).

As with most cards, the state has a grace period before which the holder has to commit to the purchase. This period is referred to as the ‘first look period’ and lasts for up to sixty days after the card has been purchased. During this time, buyers have to shop around in order to find cards that have the lowest price.

The ten and twenty cards are sold in bundles of one to five. They cover a wide range of prices. Cards that have a price tag of more than ten hundred are usually single pieces with varying amounts of information printed on them. However, there are some bundles where a bundle of one hundred cards is available for sale for prices below one hundred.

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